Friday, December 23, 2011

Karen's Adventures in Storybrooke Blog Banner

Recently I designed the banner for Karen (of Lost blogging fame) and her awesome write-ups for the TV show "Once Upon A Time"

Sketch Studies

Illustration of Karen

Castle Logo: Since Once Upon A Time is all about Fairytale characters come to this world I choose to create a castle and made one of the turrets the clock tower that's so prominent in the real world of the show.

This is the banner, I decided to go with this book since usually in from of many of the old Disney fairytales there's a book to tell you backstory and since the character Henry carries around a very similar storybook.

Mucha Book

For this project I created a pamphlet/book for a museum show of a famous designer. I choose Alphonse Mucha, this is the layout. Click on any image for a full slideshow.