Thursday, May 02, 2013

Gallery 1988 Bad Robot (JJ Abrams) show

This last weekend I attended Gallery 1988's Bad Robot show, Bad Robot is JJ Abrams company which created Alias, Lost, Fringe, Cloverfield, the new Star Trek, Super 8, Person of Interest, Revolution and a few others. Besides loving the shows and movie the art was great also, so it was a great night! More prints can be found here.

I almost got this print, but I wanted the Walter Bishop print more.


This is the print that I bought

Super 8

Star Trek

Person of Interest
Bad Robot Logo/ company shows/movies

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Iam8bit Nickelodeon Art Show

Two weekends ago I went to Iam8bit Gallery in Los Angeles for the first time, I went for the Nickelodeon themed "Its the ShizNick" show. Most of it was Sponge Bob and Ren and Stumpy, but there were some other older ones like You Can't Do That on Television, Danger Mouse and others. It started with a small gallery and then opened up to a bigger area that as like a party. I wasn't into the party atmosphere, but the art and the gallery were cool. It was crazy someone fainted or something and the paramedics had to come in.

THey had the lockers from You Can't Do That On  Television for photos