Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Charlotte Rough

Olivia, Peter and Walter

Thought that besides Charlotte, Libby and Penny I would branch out and also design some Fringe characters. Eventually I want to design some Flashforward and Glee characters also. Walter is so fun to draw.

A Penny for your thoughts?

Another rough of Penny

Mothers and Creatures

I've been playing around with designs for John's Mother. I want to make her likable since even though both of John's parents get killed off fairly quickly in the story and John won't remember much of her since he's a baby the audience needs to feel a bond to them.

Another pass at John's Mother Lara. I like that since that was the name of Superman's Mother. The plant woman is Hazel's Mother we will find out through flashbacks that before John arrived Myriel's wife was kidnapped. That will come into play later when John grows up and develops his abilities to foresee the future and to read plant creatures minds. His abilities will help Myriel and Hazel to find and free her again.
Sea Plant Creatures made out of kelp.

Watermelon and Tree Creatures. The bottom one is another one of the scavenger creatures briefly mentioned in another post. They are like cannibals, they kill other plants and absorb their abilities or characteristics.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Charlotte, Libby, & Penny Roughs

I'm already starting on new designs for Volume 2 of my Room 23 Sketchbook. I figured that I would start with Charlotte since I've done all of the Freighter Four except her, Libby, because I really like her and Penny, since you can't have Desmond without his Penny. Plus if I do some Flashforward designs I just need to throw a Hospital uniform on her.
Charlotte, Libby and Penny I still want to play with shapes and push things.

Monday, October 12, 2009

WIse Old Tree and Myriel's Home

I still have a way to go in designing this character, but the leader of the area is a kind, wise old tree.

Since John is an alien to the inhabitants of this planet Myriel brings John in front of the Grand Council for regular meetings to ensure that he does not pose a danger to the plant aliens.

This is the first time that Hazel brings baby John home to her Father Myriel after finding him on the crashed ship.

Myriel's home/ observatory/ science lab

Different places and aliens of this world

At some point in the story Myriel, Hazel and John go on a journey to find Myriel's wife who had been kidnapped soon before baby John had arrived to the planet. Myriel doesn't know that it was a kidnapping at first, but certain things happen that cause him to find out about it.

As they travel around the planet they come upon all sorts of plant creatures that are indigenous to that area. These are cactus creatures and people from a desert area and some flower aliens from another area of the planet. Myriel's city is the main city on the planet a very diverse in its population.
Farm workers, Potato and Corn Aliens. The workers produce fruits and vegetables which gets shipped to different areas of this world for the aliens to buy and eat.
Farm buildings for storing food. Theres a small Mech there for farm work.
Kelp Aliens in an area under the sea.