Friday, September 30, 2011

Watership Down Concept Designs

I've been drawing a lot of Watership Down rabbits in the last few months and I decided that I would do some Concept illustrations of it in Pastel.This is one of the rabbits investigating a stream after Kehaar told them that it would be a good way to escape from the Efrafans.

The rabbits did a lot of running at different times in the story, at this moment they are running from an Efrafan patrol.

Concept studioes for Blackavar and General Woundwart.

Thumbnails for Concept Designs

Meeting Product Demand Illustration

This is the Illustration Project that I am working on right now, we have to pick from 5 different abstract business phrases and illustrate it using nature. I choose "Meeting Product Demand". I decided to have a line of factory squirrels walking on a branch to drop nuts into a tree hole with a head squirrel over seeing them and the nuts travel to the bottom of the tree and to a huge stockpile. Another head squirrel is then selling the nuts to other animals for money or other goods. I created a side view, birds eye view and a worms eye view. Everyone seemed to like the Birds eye view and I agree with them.

Electronic Skin Tattoo

This Fall I am taking both Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of Southern California Northridge (CSUN). This is the first project that I just turned in along with all of the thumbnails and other process sketches. We had to read this article about Electronic Skin Tattoos and do an illustration on it.

I started out with the more scary aspect of it focusing on the Fringe Science aspect, I also had one with a tattoo artist putting an Electronic Skin Tattoo on a girl, plus a Propaganda poster.

These proved to be the wrong road so I want with a doctor, a spy and a gamer. I also tried to further the monster/Fringe science aspect with my own creature. The instructor suggested that I focus on just the spy and have an eye or ear that is communicating with the spy's Electronic tattoo.

Electronic Skin Tattoo

So I tried all sorts of variations on the eye and ear.

When I got to the Adobe Illustrator phase I kept knocked it out and was pleased with it, but the instructor kept pushing me to improve on it, which was really great.

Graphic Design Class

This Fall I am taking a Graphic Design class at California State University Northridge (CSUN). This is some of my classwork. So far its just been excercises, but our new project is to redesign a logo/bottle wrap of a drink.

For the first project we had to take an image of a celebrety and intigrate their name into the design. I choose Terry O' Quinn. The first image is a set of thumbnails.

This is the design.

For the second project we had to take 3 personal characteristics and make design posters out of them with a thought.

Various Character Designs

Counterpoint: Various Planet Creature Designs

Counterpoint Designs, Miscellaneous Designs and another Beatles quick sketch

Miscellaneous Animal Designs

Dragon Designs

I drew random shapes and then created a character out of it.

Figure Studies

A couple of figure studies from Entertainment Magazine.

I was at a free contcert with some Beatles impersonators and did some really quick rough sketches.