Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mothers and Creatures

I've been playing around with designs for John's Mother. I want to make her likable since even though both of John's parents get killed off fairly quickly in the story and John won't remember much of her since he's a baby the audience needs to feel a bond to them.

Another pass at John's Mother Lara. I like that since that was the name of Superman's Mother. The plant woman is Hazel's Mother we will find out through flashbacks that before John arrived Myriel's wife was kidnapped. That will come into play later when John grows up and develops his abilities to foresee the future and to read plant creatures minds. His abilities will help Myriel and Hazel to find and free her again.
Sea Plant Creatures made out of kelp.

Watermelon and Tree Creatures. The bottom one is another one of the scavenger creatures briefly mentioned in another post. They are like cannibals, they kill other plants and absorb their abilities or characteristics.

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