Sunday, February 03, 2008


Recently I recieved a copy for Christmas of Labyrinth at an after Thanksgiving sale at Best Buy for $4. It brings back a lot of memories. Its a total 80's movie with the Synthetic keyboard music, the dated but still really cool effects, Jennifer Conolly at 14 years old and of course David Bowie and his music. I remember as a kid being amazed at the scene where The Gobin King (David Bowie) makes the crystal ball move around his fingers with out falling to the ground. Watching the Behind the scenes feature I found out that a juggler stood behind him and that was actually the fugglers arm that we see doing the cool trick. I also loved the Esler scene at the end with the stairways and how the Gobin Kings is upside down and then flips up to a different level. Mostly I like all of the awsome Jim Henson puppets. Such artistry, The design actually reminds me of an artist named James Christianson and his style. The poster at top is great also.

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