Saturday, March 25, 2006

Walt Disney's Determination

It's been a week since I last posted, my wife and kids have been in Disneyland earlier this week. I always get inspired by that place. Monday night after the kids and my wife went to bed I went back to the park to ride some of the big rides that the boys can't get into yet like Indiana Jones and Space Mountain. Anyways on the way back I stopped at the little theater on Main Street that shows six different black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons, including Steamboat Willie. It reminded me about and article that I read on-line recently on a Disneyana website about Walt Disney's wife and what a support she was to him. What stuck out in the article was how she was quoted at saying that Walt had started out animating in his garage and eventually he started his own studio, but because of his passion for animation even if all his pictures failed and the studio was shut down he would still go back to animating in his garage. His love was that great for his art. It also mentioned along with that how he never feared failure he always made the movies that he felt passionate about and things usually turned out all right. While watching those shorts I thought a lot about how they were created in a garage and what love went into them.

The next evening I watched the 50 years of Disneyland movie in the Lincoln Theater. It spoke about how Disney used the same artists and animators who had worked on the animated feature to design a lot of the movie themed rides. You can really tell by the quality of craftsmanship.

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